Health, Safety & Environment


The management team of DCL works closely with its employees and clients to ensure a 100% safe culture is implemented and maintained in everything we do.

Our ultimate safety goal is to protect all workers, the public, property and the environment from incident or injury and we are fully engaged and committed to achieving that goal. To that end, we have implemented an extensive safety management system with ongoing training programs to enhance the knowledge and awareness of our employees. The knowledge, skills and competency of our employees are continuously assessed by supervision and enhanced through solid, practical training programs.

At DCL we believe:

Taking unnecessary risk is unacceptable.
The best performance we can expect from our crews is the minimum standard we enforce.
At risk behavior is our problem.
Our silence means our consent.
We will stand up and be counted.
Safety is not a priority; safety is a value.
Employees and management – together – own the work place.

Learn more about our Health and Safety Practices, download our DCL HEALTH & SAFETY PROGRAM MANUAL