DCL Management Limited has built a solid reputation on expertise, performance and a high level of client service when it comes to construction and post construction service. As a multi disciplined commercial construction company we are comfortable playing whatever role best suits the benefit of the project.  From Design Build and General Contracting to Project Manager; matching the best delivery method for the project is just the first step in the DCL approach.


LEAN  METHODOLIGY – Total team integration and collaboration towards a common goal.

The next step is our “LEAN Construction” approach to project delivery.    What is “LEAN” ?

Lean Construction Principles

Lean construction is a “way to design production systems to minimize waste of materials, time, and effort  in order to generate the maximum possible amount of value”.  Value in construction is like value in any business: it is a return on your investment. Adopting lean  principles is an investment in the future of the project, which will reap benefits and give a solid return on investment.

Partnering with DCL takes the uncertainty out of construction, allowing you to focus on your business instead of worrying about your project.  Throughout construction, we’ll ensure that communication remains paramount and our work meets the numerous compliance requirements that commercial buildings must adhere to.


DCL has earned its reputation for being successful in completing projects by focusing on creative problem solving, effective project and development management, and long-term value creation.

Our success in managing projects on time and on budget is because of our belief that project management is a process, the steps of which need to be initiated for any project, regardless of size, scope or location. This section provides a description of our process available to assist us in performing our services during this process.

DCL will provide a full range of comprehensive and professional project and development management services to include:

Project planning and Budget analysis
Tendering / Sub Trade and Material Procurement
Project scheduling, mobilization and coordination
Municipal approvals
Value engineering
Electronic project status reporting
Project closeout to Occupancy
After close out warranty monitoring
Technical services reviews
Environmental issues support from an environmental specialist in our Technical Services Group


If you are looking for a turn-key delivery solution and require a full design / engineering package talk to our team at DCL. With our in house design service we can provide you a full set of permit drawings and the engineering required to fast track your project. As part of your design process we can value engineer your project for optimal cost and delivery efficiency.

With both design and construction in the hands of a single entity, there is a single point of responsibility for quality, cost and schedule adherence. Our desire is to partner with the client from conceptual stages and work together to execute a seamless project.We believe that collaboration is a key element for a successful project on multiple objectives, including:

Aesthetic and Functional Quality, Budget and Timely Completion


SUSTAINABILITY – We believe integrating sustainable principles into Project Delivery is a smart business decision and done correctly can achieve significant return on investment. From construction materials selection and building site practices to an integrated life-cycle-oriented approach to critical decision making, we’re serious about sustainability and working with your Design Team to achieve the stakeholders end result is our goal.

The ASHE Green Building Committee developed a construction guidance statement to answer the question of what sustainable design and construction means. To sum it up “integration” is the key word.

Common practices for integrating sustainability into the design process then addressing those aspects of planning, design, construction.

INTEGRATION – With our hands on experience in the Green construction field we can bring added value to your current Design Team.


As Tenancy Coordinators DCL Management Limited acts on leasing instructions from the client group as a liaise with the retailer, designers, engineers, municipal authorities and client to bring the project through the approval stage ready for fit out. We then ensure relevant documentation is provided to enable works to begin on site. All Inspections undertaken during the build out stage to ensure compliance with approved design are managed and attended by a DCL TC staff.

Need to renovate and move an existing business out of its space with the least impacted on operations?  DCL is your planning partner to ensure a seamless transition from old to new.

So regardless if DCL’s construction arm handles your build out or not, you can engage our TC Team to take you  from design right through to the first day of business DCL’s TC staff is there to ensure the timely and cost effective delivery of project.


OWNERSHIP – At DCL we take ownership of our work
At DCL we take ownership of our work and we service what we build but it doesn’t end there. We can maintain what you already have.  Our building maintenance service provides clients with comprehensive maintenance, repair and renovation capabilities.

Our maintenance crews are experienced in carpentry, plumbing, flooring, electrical, painting, HVAC systems so we’ve got you covered in all phases of upkeep and repair.

Just like with every project we undertake – whether it’s the construction of a multi-storey building or a franchise fit-out – our team leaders will work closely with you to assess your needs and institute a program that fulfills your requirements.

Our number one goal is always total customer satisfaction.

Our building maintenance services are available for every type of facility from retail, educational and medical to hotels, municipal and corporate office complexes.  Work with DCL, and find out the difference experience makes.

We’d be happy to provide you services that matches your facility’s exact needs.

To speak to a representative who can answer questions and arrange an initial meeting, just call us or you can email our team leader.

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